Online marketing can seem like playing a frustrating game of “whack a mole” at times. Everything you thought you knew tends to change, and it’s can be hard to keep up while doing what you do best.

The problem is online marketing is essential to your success. Without it, you cannot grow or reach a global audience.

Here’s how we can help you cut through the noise and get noticed at JPORTMedia so everything doesn’t fall on your shoulders:

Paid Media

Keeping up with the latest changes in online paid media can be a chore. We managed over $15M in paid media and know what works and what doesn’t. So, why try to reinvent the wheel when we already know what works? You don’t have to waste time testing, tweaking, and pulling out your hair in frustration.

Retention Marketing

It’s easier to sell to your existing customers… but are you? Multiple studies have shown that email/SMS marketing achieves the highest ROI vs any other channel. We’ll help you create email, SMS and chatbot marketing strategy that deepens your relationship (and retention) with your customers/clients. We’ll also help you harness the power of automation so you’re working smarter, not harder.


Why try to be a lone ranger when I can help you reach your goals faster than you ever could on your own? Tap into my 10+ years of experience under my belt and leapfrog years of trial, error, testing, and “false starts” so you can hyper-accelerate your business and become #1.

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